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With roots to 1900, HESS & FISHER ENGINEERS, INC. has operated continuously, providing services to clients in the commercial, industrial, governmental, and private sectors. Our staff has expertise in civil, environmental, geology and municipal engineering plus surveying (both residential and construction), and laboratory analysis. One of our principal strength is our direct and continual interaction with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Over the years we have developed a reputation for persistent, diplomatic, and technical approaches, which are of increasing importance as new laws and regulations take effect which are prone to interpretation. We offer a wide spectrum of services, provided by a highly experienced staff. This is backed by a longstanding tradition of dedication to detail.

Consulting Engineers

The feasibility of real estate development projects—whether they are "green field" developments, infill, or redevelopment—is affected by a complex set of market, financial, and political factors. While all development projects share common requirements to serve viable markets, meet financial underwriting criteria, and achieve public approvals, each project is unique in its particular circumstances. It is crucial to the success of each project that its unique issues be identified, analyzed, and resolved in the planning and implementation process in a manner that optimizes financial imperatives and public policy objectives.

As our population increases and available land becomes scarcer, land development becomes increasingly challenging. There are more government regulations and impact fees today than ever before, plus a host of local restrictions that make development difficult. Government regulations make land development a lengthy process. We follow a plan that stream lines the process. Site Analysis and Evaluation, Feasibility Studies, Strategic Planning, Alternatives Analysis, Conceptual Design, Impact and Financial Analysis.
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